Thursday, October 23, 2014

Why I Love New Orleans by Heather Graham

Why I Love New Orleans: A Collection of Blogs, Heather Graham. self-published, 2014. ebook, 132 pps.

     Heather Graham was Anne Rice's secretary for a time until AR relocated away from New Orleans. She is also herself a writer and organizes an annual writer's conference in the Crescent City.

     Why I Love New Orleans was a personal delight to me. I have fond memories from before the hurricane-- a paddle-boat that I saw outside of St. Francisville going down the Mississippi one night from my perch in some dark and misty wood, a concert at The Warehouse, Bourbon Street and environs, Cafe du Monde, Mardi Gras, the truckstop in Slidell, biking in the park near the zoo, and the zoo itself. Aside from the presence of one very large casino, I was relieved to read that NOLA continues with the same sparkle and zest that she used to. I'd heard from animal handler friends that the white tiger at the zoo had been saved during Katrina and was doing well in a different zoo. I knew that folks living in the ninth ward are still struggling to reclaim their neighborhood. And I was aware of some of the history behind the city that I too grew to love. There was much in this book that I didn't know. 

sapphoq reviews says: Heather Graham has crafted a fine short history and sightseeing catalog of New Orleans and the surrounding areas. At the beginning of each chapter was also a delightful photograph. For those who love New Orleans and for anyone with a curiosity about a fine southern town, highly recommended.

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