Monday, October 13, 2014

Hacking Facebook and Websites-- Be Safe by Techdroids

Hacking Facebook and Websites-- Be Safe, Techdroids. self-published, 2014. e-book, 32 pps.

     Techdroids started out furnishing information about various tech products on the internet while still in high school. His info was solid. He included pictures of the products he discussed on a variety of sites. I figure by now he is well on his way to a college degree or more. [Techdroids reloaded can be found still in some places. I think it is the same young man but I am not 100% sure].

     Hacking Facebook and Websites was very thorough in the subjects addressed. How to compile, how to do an EICAR test, how to create and disable several kinds of viruses, phishing, hidden codes, trojan horses, how to hijack, SQL injections, and IP addys were all included. All of the information in this book was helpful.  

sapphoq reviews says: Techdroids has written a solid introduction to some proof-of-concepts involved with hacking computers and phones. The instructions were clear, easy to follow, and they worked well. There was nothing about this too short book not to like. Highly recommended to those interested in security, pen testing, and other related subjects.

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