Friday, November 12, 2010

Time Warner Cable in the Capital District

I've been a customer of Time Warner Cable and its' predecessor for several decades. The number of television stations have increased along with my bill. I was alive for the breakup of Ma Bell, the creation of Baby Bells, and the introduction of bundles services-- cable plus telephone plus internet access all in one bill. I was a part-time toll collector when a bunch of folks were traveling up the Thruway installing fiber optics.

Not all of the news is good. There is a disturbing connection with Comcast-- a company whose policies I hate. Time Warner Cable uses dynamic I.P. addys in order to prevent regular customers from having access to creating a business class website without proper payment. This switching regularly causes fluctuations in the signal coming into my home. With the advent of an option to buy faster download times, my non-turboized net speed has suffered significant decreases. Additionally, the installation of higher-speed cabling to local hospitals have left some of us complaining that our phones cut out briefly at irratic intervals.

This customer is not entirely happy. And yet, I don't want The Dish. My choices for high speed internet access are severely limited by geography. That is to say-- non-existent at the current time. Until something better comes along, I choose to remain with a less-than-stellar performer.

sapphoq reviews says: Time Warner Cable gets a D- in my grade book