Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Whatever Happened to SpamBob

I don't know what happened to SpamBob, the site that allowed you to create an email addy with the "@SpamBob.com" (or .net if you wished it to be forwarded).

The great folks at BugMeNot have partially filled in the gap. Goto http://email.bugmenot.com/
to created a non-password protected email addy "@bugmenot.com."

I will miss SpamBob although I applaud BugMeNot for branching out in their services.


Sunday, March 02, 2008

Second Life

I went off to Second Life to check it out. I'd been reading somewhere how a few companies are using it to promo their product and how it is a game but not a game. I opted for a freebie account because I am not sure if I will make it there and besides, 75 bucks or so for the year is a lot to shell out. Even 9 bucks a month is a lot. Especially if being there is no escape from consumerism.

Paid folks get an allowance weekly-- 300 Linden Bucks, abbreviated L$ and the opportunity to own a small parcel of land. Freebie folks can sometimes get jobs or engage in exotic dancing or whatever to get some moola. Well, anyways at first there is orientation and I learned how to fly rather quickly. After flying, I learned how to search, communicate, and work with my inventory.

I joined some groups-- some Discordians are there on Second Life. Besides the Discordians, I joined a couple of pagan groups, a witch group, and a few bi groups. There is a limit of how many one can join but I didn't hit that limit.

To play on Second Life, one has to download about 70mgs in a bundle. That installed quickly. What I really disliked was having to install Quick Time Player. I did have some fun though. I chatted with a couple of folks, got some chainmail for free, and watched a few people crash-land.
I also drove a steamroller and squished some cyber-rats as was my civic duty. Next visit I shall venture off the Orientation into Second Life itself.

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