Saturday, October 04, 2014

A Time to Mourn, collected by Reverend Aaron Zerah

A Time to Mourn: A Simple Collection of the World's Great Spiritual Prayers, Poems, Stories, and Blessings to Comfort the Soul in Grief, Aaron Zerah. British Columbia: A to Z Spirit Publishing, 2013. e-book, 116 pps.

You may at this time obtain a free copy of this book and three other books written by Rev. Aaron Zerah from if you want to.

     Reverend Aaron Zerah is an interfaith minister. I picked up A Time to Mourn because I was curious. I was pleasantly surprised by the collected works in this e-book. Besides bible verses, there were also Jewish prayers, Sikh prayers, Buddist and Taoist teachings, Hindu prayers, and other stuff. The index and the heading on each page worked. That was also much appreciated.

sapphoq reviews says: Aaron Zerah has collected some fine and comforting words in his e-book A Time to Mourn. Perhaps not suitable for most atheists and agnostics. For those with an interest in writings from other cultures and those in need of comfort, highly recommended.  

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