Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lasting Impact by Jen Slothower

Lasting Impact: How the murky world of concussions might be causing permanent damage even among those who will never go pro, Jen Slothower, NESN. Watertown MA.: New England Sports Network, 2013-2014. e book, 108 pps.

     Jen Slothower is a journalist who speaks out about football (and some other sports). Specifically, she has taken on player injuries-- concussions-- which can lead to permanent brain effects like CTE. C.T.E. stands for "chronic traumatic encephalopathy." Some N.F.L. players have it. They have a history of repeated dings, knocks to the head which result in concussions. At some point later on, 

          ...they develop cognitive problems, experience
          crippling memory loss or become deeply
          depressed."     (p. 24)

     Lasting Impact also points out some other scary things like how football players may deny head injuries or sequelae because they want to keep playing. Pros want the paychecks to keep coming in. They also do not want to lose their positions on the team. Kids playing school sports don't want to admit to injury because they want to keep playing regardless.

     While the N.F.L. does at time change rules and procedures, the changes trickle down slowly into school athletic departments. This delay is not good. Kids too can and do also suffer from repeated concussions and permanent side effects.

sapphoq reviews says: Jen Slothower has done an excellent job writing about concussions in sports, what can be done about it, and what is or is not being done. Highly recommended.

     The link below leads to a senior thesis from Spring 2008 submitted to Liberty University by Jen Slothower. I believe it is the same Jes Slothower. It makes for interesting reading. It is about christians who go into the field of journalism.

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