Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Worldview of Atheism by Jensen DG. Manebog

The Worldview of Atheism, Jensen DG. Manebog. self-published, 2013. e-book, 47 pps.

     Jensen De Guzman Manebog, from Repúblika ng Pilipinas, has written a booklet which pretty much accuses atheism in what he views as its many forms of failing at morality. He makes a case against relativism as a working morality and he charges atheism with this relativism. Being good without any gods does not seem to hold threats of eternal damnation or rejection above the heads of the human puppets. Ergo, atheists lack morals because any morality that atheists do have depend upon human law-making rather than divine law-giving.

     It is indeed troubling in this day and age that atheist and atheist organizations should be continually called upon to refute such charges. Morality can and does arise in social groups without the use of or reinforcement by [christian] religious influence. Although The Worldview of Atheism employs logical fallacies extensively in its pages, the central message that non-theists are not getting through to believers that we too, as social animals, certainly do have principles is one that atheists ought to take to heart. A dialogue between believers of all ilk and freethinkers ought to take place with its central aim as clearing up such misunderstandings. I personally do not hold out much hope for such an event, since we are often subject to debates with each side winning points instead of to honest and open communication.

sapphoq reviews says: This book is full of poor arguments favoring Christianity. Doggerel which merely repeats that atheism is not logical fills up the pages of The Worldview of Atheism. Christian apologist C.S. Lewis is quoted extensively here. Both he and Humes make for much better reading for christians and others who are seeking out more intelligent thought. Skip this one.


Jeremy Crow said...

Theoretically I agree with your summation of this book, and you gave it a very thoughtful review. I think atheism has good and bad aspects just like most religions. I find my only real problems with any atheist always resides with those that make it their life work to punish the religious. This is when I usually go after the atheist as having a faith that there is no God and they are trying to convert Christians to atheism. In this case all bets are off they are arguing theology, and will get theology thrown back at them, and called out for having a religion .. atheism. In other words if you don't believe in God, then simply act like someone who doesn't believe in ghosts, not like someone who feels they need to convince you there aren't ghosts. Keep up the good writing Spike :)

sapphoq said...

Thanks, Jeremy and your thoughtful words are as always much appreciated. I've been reviewing books by christian authors as well as by non-christians. I have found that writing ability or inability is not dictated by one's religion or lack of religion.

Personally, I have no interest in converting anyone. I am happy to have you as a friend and I honor you for being you.

You introduced me to the best of conservative thinking and I did after all name one of my Twitter(r) lists after you.

I have developed some conservative principles which to me seem to go along with rational and reality-based thinking.

Much Love Jeremy and thank you for being you.