Saturday, October 11, 2014

!Shut Up! by Dvorah Adler

!Shut Up! An Ancient Mantra for Complete Happiness (The Simple Truth Your Guru, Therapist, AndGrandmother Forgot to Tell You). Dvorah Adler. self-published, 2005. e-book, 133 pps.

     At first, I didn't know quite what to make of !Shut Up! The words and sentence structure were different from what I had come to expect in most books. But I gave it a careful read anyway.

     The essential message is that whining doesn't do one much good. It is better to accept and move on. What we didn't do today we may be able to accomplish tomorrow. So shut up. And then shut up and be happy.

sapphoq reviews says: There is something more to the book than simple advice. !Shut Up! is an Art of Living Foundation book. The Art of Living is a yoga sort of foundation headed up by [a guru by the name of] Sri Sri Ravi Shankar [not the musician by the same name] whose own guru originated transcendental meditation.

I am a non-hindu, non-yoga type, non-guru seeker type of Westerner. I am wary of organizations and foundations which are associated with gurus because of personal reasons involving a once close friend. I hesitate to recommend !Shut Up! although I did enjoy some of the humor in its pages and the message of self-acceptance. Guardedly recommended. 

[This e-book was free when I got it].

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