Thursday, September 12, 2013

Prompt and Courteous Mail Order Prescription Company Service

     I understand.  We Americans have been foolishly squandering the monies of our health care insurance industry monies on things like medical treatments and prescription drugs for many years.  Along came the HMOs.  The HMOs were able to reign in some expenditures and turn a profit by denying people access to experimental treatments for exotic and sundry terminal diseases.  But it wasn't enough.  Then the mail order pharmacies entered the scene.  Shortly, ObummerCare will come on-line.

     I will focus tonight's review on mail order pharmacies.  The first one was called "CareMark."  Being a corporation of feelings, it was obvious that there was no caring for us their marks.  Business is business, as my dad used to say.  The days of personal contact with a pharmacist at the local drug store are rapidly drying up.  When CareMark didn't kick back enough profit to our medical insurance plan, the plan changed to Express Scripts.

     Express Scripts is a misnomer.  This mail-order factory has not been rapid.  To wit, my phone rang yesterday.  The flunkie employee on the other end had been elected to inform me that the filling of the script for one of my meds will be delayed because The Pharmacist [and apparently The Only Pharmacist] could not read the handwriting of the physician on the script which I dutifully sent in a month ago.  A month ago, in response to an e-mail reminder that the meds would be running out on September 9th.  Unfortunately, the physician in question is semi-retired and is only available via telephone one afternoon a week.  Equally unfortunately, my past experience with Express Scripts employees has demonstrated that they hang up on the physician's answering machine before that part of the message plays indicating this factoid.  I got a bit testy with the flunkie employee after I objected to this delay.  After all, this was a long-term med necessary to my life.  There was nothing to be done.  She was only delivering a message.  After I expressed my feelings on this [without cursing], she made a mistake.  She said, "I understand."  The second time she said, "I understand," I was done.  "No, you don't understand," I told her.  "You don't understand anything about my life.  I object to this delay.  What you people are doing with this is unacceptable to me."  I hung up before uttering the stream of curses which was rapidly tumbling from my brain to my mouth.

     It is for experiences like this one that I actually keep more than a two week supply of all of my medications on hand.  Because I cannot depend upon Express Scripts to deliver my meds in a timely fashion.

sapphoq reviews says:  I hate you, Express Scripts.  And yeah, customer service is dead and has been dead for awhile.  No love.

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