Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Journey into a Cult by Kathleen Y. Rattigan

Journey into a Cult: Mystical Awakenings, Kathleen Y. Rattigan.  Bloomington, IN: Balboa Press/ Hay House, 2012.  e-book, 92 pps.

It started with a dream.  A dream and a feeling of leaving one's body and zooming around space.  And some sort of ghostie talking in the dream.  Then there was a seminar.  The author was invited to a seven day seminar given by a man named Jon.  She and her neighbor went.  Towards the end there was a graduation and some special privileges involving sexual appetite.  And a power animal.  The author's power animal was a female alpha wolf.  Jon's was a male alpha wolf.  Much was made of this.  The author left her husband.  Moved out.

Jon for his part got a place in Vancouver to hold seminars and teachings and channeling sessions in.  The author was part of that.  She was popular among the clientele.  This might have been a problem for Jon.

Then Jon began channeling.  He allowed "an entity" to take over his speaking apparatus.  He claimed he did not remember later.  [I had heard a similar claim years ago from a "psychic" whose "entity" that channeled through her was particularly vicious].  Jon's personality began to fuse with the entity, claimed the author.  Jon became not nice.  The followers became a group that was coercived into doing what Jon a.k.a. the entity said.  They held the author captive even after she indicated that she wanted to leave.  Jon finally agreed to drive her back.

The author used pseudonyms for some or many of the people in her memoir.  She said she got away.  I'm not sure that she really had.

sapphoq reviews says:  Although no longer a part of Jon's unnamed [in the book unnamed] group, I remain unconvinced that the author is truly free from the sphere of influence of the belief system of that group.  Journey into a Cult: Mystical Awakenings perceives itself as very happening new age but free from the channeled bad entity.  Perhaps.  But the book annoyed me.  I don't like New Age type stuff with or without the channeling and out of body stuff and sweet angels watching over all of us.  Absolutely not recommended.

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