Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wormfood by Jeff Jacobson

Wormfood, Jeff Jacobson.  Aurora IL:  Medallion Press, Incorporated, 2010.  e-book, 232 pps.

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Arch Stanton lives with his grandmother in a trailer.  They are destitute.  Gram doesn't want Arch to work in Fat Ernst's Diner and she hates the Sawyer brothers.  But they need money and so Arch goes to work. 

Over a three day weekend, a lot happens.  There is a funeral, an accident involving the dead person and the casket, a flood, a big fire, lots of shooting, and the nasty gray worm-like organisms which are very hungry.  Oh, yeah.  We should not forget the pretty girl.

sapphoq reviews says:  Jeff Jacobson has written an excellent first novel.  This is horror at its' finest.  Gruesome slime and all.  Wormfood is non-pretentious.  The characters are realistic.  The setting is evocative of small-town America.  If you want to read something that will leave you gasping and holding on to your seat, get this book.  Highly recommended for adult fans of horror.

P.S.  Jeff Jacobson, please write some more books!

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Jeff Jacobson said...

Thanks for the kind words, Sapphoq. Glad you had fun with the book. I should mention that my new novel is out now. SLEEP TIGHT, from Kensington, is about bedbugs invading Chicago.