Thursday, July 18, 2013

Two Lines by Melissa Marr

Two Lines, Melissa Marr.  New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 2011.  

In this short story authored by Melissa Marr, Eavan is a young woman caught up in a world not of her choosing.  Her mother is a glastig and her dad is human.  Eve is human and wishes to stay that way.  For a hobby, she is chasing a human fellow named Daniel around.  He is an evil dude who turns women into zombies.  Eve wants to stop him.  She does rescue a woman from time to time and then dumps them on her hawt bisexual glastig friend Muriel.  Eve's granny Nyx is a bit put out by her granddaughter's behavior.  Glastigs are supposed to live together in a communal heap but Eve refuses, and furthermore is resistant to the idea of losing her humanity.  If Eve has sex and makes a kill within a month, she will become what she considers to be a monster.

sapphoq reviews saysI found Two Lines to be a very satisfying short story.  The characters have personality and spunk.  The predator Daniel operates like predators do.  Eve is resourceful and finds a way to do what must be done.  Those readers who are in early stages of recovering from sexual assault may find this offering to be too triggering.  Recommended.  Fans of Melissa Marr's gothic fantasy style will especially love this and will want to read more of Eaven in the future.  I know that I certainly do.

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