Thursday, July 25, 2013

Solomon's Oak by Jo-Ann Mapson

Solomon's Oak, Jo-Ann Mapson.  New York:  Bloomsbury USA,  2010.
     Solomon's Oak is an outstanding novel.  From the first pages, I was transported into the life of Glory Solomon, a widow still grieving for her husband.  She has money problems and hits on an ingenious way to address the bills coming in.  She hosts a wedding in the chapel which her late husband built.  In the midst of the festivities, a social worker drops off Juniper, a teen with a bit of an attitude and nowhere else to go.  Glory's camera quits and a guy named Joseph with a camera happens to wander through, saving the day.  What happens afterwards is a delight.
     sapphoq reviews says:  I found much about this book to love.  The lyrical language and vivid descriptions in Solomon's Oak transported me almost immediately into the world of the small Californian farming community.    The characters were well-drawn and likeable.  Each character had a history and a family history attached.  There was a flavor of Mexico throughout the book and I found that to be appealing.  Even the farm animals were imbued with personalities and their own quirks.  Every detail built up to the crescendo and then led me to a satisfying ending.   
     If you are seeking a fast-action book, look elsewhere.  If you want a book that is far more than chick lit that is to be slowly read and savored, this is the book for you.  Highly recommended.

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