Friday, July 05, 2013

Love Struck by Melissa Marr

Love Struck, Melissa Marr.  New York:  Harper Teen (Harper-Collins Publishers), 2011/ 2008.  e-book, 53 pps.  [previews of two novels begin on page 28].

Melissa Marr can be found on twitter as @melissa_marr .

Love Struck is a delightful short story about a high school student named Alana.  She lives near the beach with her mother.  Alana is at a beach party when a hot stud puts the make on her.  She refuses the offer of his jacket and just wants him to go away.  Spooked, Alana leaves the party and walks by the ocean.  There is a hawt surfer guy out in the waves who speaks to her.  His name is Murrin.  Very quickly, but not quickly enough, Alana realizes what Murrin is.

sapphoq reviews saysLove Struck is a cute romantic short by Melissa Marr.  The imagery was satisfying and I was able to insert myself into the goings on.  Although considered to be for teens, this one is bound to satisfy any woman who likes the ocean and who is not looking for hot adult sex action.  Highly recommended.


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