Thursday, October 26, 2006


My latest obsession is a nifty site found at called StumbleUpon. After downloading the latest Foxfire release, I added StumbleUpon as an extension. Together with my bookmarks at, I am finding more nifty stuff on the web and cataloging them.

Althought StumbleUpon has the option of having friends, I have not investigated that part of it. I am content to be presented with a new site based on my selected interests and then decide to: mark it as "thumbs up," "thumbs down," or to leave it unmarked; import it into my account with tags or not; comment on it for my StumbleUpon blog. My StumbleUpon blog so far consists of the sites I have bookmarked as "thumbs up." StumbleUpon also gives one the option of adding a button to ones other websites so visitors to them can refer them back to StumbleUpon. I may do so in the near future.

I am especially interested in the use of public domain textures and photos in my computer art, and in flash games. I have found both in abundance within one hour of using StumbleUpon.

sapphoq's verdict: StumbleUpon + Foxfire + = not to be missed!

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Jeremy Crow said...

Cool ... I'll have to check those out ;-) JC