Friday, October 20, 2006

ED 2 GO ON-LINE COURSES 10/20/06 is a portal to on-line "courses" being "offered" by local community colleges. I am currently taking two computer tech courses, one writing research course, and one gaming industry course through this business.
My courses cost $90 or $119 each, depending upon the subject matter. In return for my bisexual bucks, I get 12 "classes" which are "released" every Wednesday and every Friday. There is a short five question multiple-guess quiz after each class, assignments, recommended for further study links, and an exam. The exam is the only thing that counts. If I pass the exam, I get a certificate. If not, I don't.
I quickly found that the assignments are for self-edification only, that the bulletin boards provided for student-teacher communication are e-mail based, that the writing contained within the courses themselves is syrupy and canned. I am in fact having difficulty believing that the alleged "professors" exist.
Improvements might be more varied writing styles, a real-time chatroom experience, and more in-depth coverage of the material being offered.
Verdict: ed 2 go is a no-go.

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