Saturday, October 07, 2006


Hail all from crisp Bennington Vermont where I am with friends. Bennington has the look and feel of not-so-faded hippies. I am fortunate that I get to see this town from the perspective of a local rather than a tourist. I get to go where the locals go.

First off is All Days and Onions, a restaurant on the main drag with homemade delicious food. Sandwiches and desserts are to die for. Clientele is primarily local. Across the street is a hospice. The older folks who live in and near the hospice frequent the restaurant also where they are treated with great respect. Service there, along with the food, can't be beat.

Next is Your Belly Deli. Wonderful subs. Places to sit down. On a side street away from the outta towners.

Bennington also hosts three thrift shoppes-- A Goodwill, Salvation Army, and a more upscale Second-Hand Rose. Plus there is a Baptist Church and a little clubhouse for people in recovery. Several strip malls, a Denny's, the Depot, a few diners, and the volunteer fire department round out the local scene.

There is a Veteran's Hospital in Bennington which has a fenced in deer park. The deer are nice to see. Not for feeding though, just viewing. Bennington also has a local hospital, mental health treatment programs, and some community residences and halfway houses.

One of my friends belongs to Curves-- a women's chain gym. There is an active womyn's community in Bennington. Wherever we go, we run into womyn that my friends know and that I am beginning to know.

Outside of Bennington to the east are mountains, state parks, and ski slopes. Also are the winding dirt roads that lead to rugged little camps where people hide out away from the tourists.

Bennington is on the scale of Woodstock New York and New Hope Pennsylvania. A rather expensive place to live but the ambience cannot be beat.

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