Sunday, October 15, 2006


Google has acquired the popular video-sharing service called "You Tube." The deal was finalized on Monday October 9. Thus the beginning of the end.

You Tube has been plagued by lawsuits alleging copyright violations. That will probably end as Google along with You Tube's employees will now actively search and remove clips from someone's favorite teevee show or concert.

Google has also made deals with such media giants as Sony to that effect.

Bye bye You Tube. Hello a newer, shinier, strictly law-abiding You Tube though not necessarily better.

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Jeremy Crow said...

Well yes and no ... Google also has the power to revenue share so a lot o the local news casts that people post on there will probably be perfectly happy to get a broader audience and the funny home movies are going to be safe as well as some TV shows that will accept the small profits from a percentage of the Google advertising will probably allow limited licensing ... This, in the end will make it a lot stronger as the new rules will make it harder to sue and you won't have to worry about it folding up like Napster did {even though it came back as a music service ... Right} ... Good article

sapphoq said...

Well, that is great to know!
Folks all over mourned the death of Napster. Limewire is sort of like "Viruswire" these days.....

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