Monday, August 04, 2014

Nobody Comes by Anthony Cleary

Nobody Comes, Anthony Cleary. London?: Crux Publishing, 2014. e-book, 243 pps.

     After finding out the plight of Romanian children who were surrendered to state orphanages by parents too poor to take care of them, Anthony Cleary and his wife decided to adopt one or two of the children. Conditions were [are?] so bad in the orphanages that any child there after the age of three is considered to be permanently damaged/ traumatized and unreachable. Anthony Cleary and his mother flew out to Romania-- the author's wife is unable to tolerate airplanes-- but his mum got sick and had to return to England. 

     Nobody Comes is about what the Clearys went through in order to adopt a child from Romania. 

sapphoq reviews says: The conditions described in the state orphanages in Romania were horrific. I hope that things have gotten better there by now but perhaps not. 
     Nobody Comes was highly readable. Although I admire the willingness of the author and his wife to adopt a child from Romania, I did not appreciate the swipe that the author took at Richard Dawkins in the book. Other than that, a good enough book. Recommended.

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