Monday, August 04, 2014

A Hacker's Life Starter by Benjamin James

A Hacker's Life Starter-- Security Penetration Anywhere & Anytime, Benjamin James. self-published, 2014. e-book, 47 pps.


1.  No one in their right mind uses LOIC anymore since an incident involving the contamination of a LOIC download on pastebin which resulted in some arrests of hacktivists.

2.  Malware Bites is recommended as a good anti-viral tool. It is not. In my opinion, it is malware.

3.  This e-book has some formatting problems interspersed within each chapter.

4.  This e-book in my opinion is useless and offers bad advice.

sapphoq reviews says: Twenty five percent of American hackers have been turned by the F.B.I. into informants. If you want to learn how to hack, learn some code first. Read 2600 magazine. Hang out on Twitter [r] with members of Anonymous and also with the ninjas. Beware of egofags. Don't be a script kiddie and don't fall for what Benjamin James is selling. Totally and absolutely not recommended.

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Nicholette Liguori said...

"some formatting problems" is really an understatement...

I don't mind typos on the internet (it happens...), but I couldn't get passed the first few pages.

Each sentence lowered my IQ.