Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Youngest Bishop in England by Robert Bridgstock

The Youngest Bishop in England: Beneath the Surface of Mormonism, Robert Bridgstock. Tuscon AZ: See Sharp Press, 2014. e-book, 218 pps.

Robert Bridgstock, a convert to Mormonism with a pretty young wife who was raised in the religion, quickly rises through the ranks. Unfortunately, he has questions and concerns. The reigning bishops don't like that sort of thing. His wife dies too young and he is kicked out of the L.D.S. fold.

sapphoq reviews says: The rest of the book consists of Robert Bridgstock's thoughts on his experience and on Mormon theology. He becomes a different sort of Christian but acknowledges that those who abandon their faith for atheism are especially brave. Although atheist, I liked this book. Bridgstock raises some excellent concerns about the actions of those who are followers of Christ in an institutional setting which is jaded and based on the "revelations" of a fellow who was a bit of a flim-flam artist. L.D.S. folks will take exception to the evidence that the writing that Joseph Smith actually "found" was an Egyptian funerary formulary. Christians will enjoy this book. Highly recommended.

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