Friday, April 11, 2014

All He Saw Was The Girl by Peter Leonard

All He Saw Was The Girl, Peter Leonard. Stamford Ct: The Story Plant, 2011. e-book, 250 pps. inc. an excerpt from another book.

     Chip [the rich kid] and McCabe [not rich] are Americans who are attending college in Italy. They wind up in an Italian prison. McCabe is the outspoken one who gets Chip's property back from a sleazy character. First mistake. They get out. A picture of Chip and a picture of McCabe appear in the newspaper with their names inverted.

     Then there is a foxy woman who perhaps becomes far more trouble than she is worth, a couple of kidnappings, car chases, and general chaos.

     Ray from Detroit in the Secret Service comes home to find his wife Sharon up and left him. He tears off to Italy in hopes of finding her and her illicit lover. He finds more than he bargains for.

     The two story-lines converge and some loose ends are tied up. Amusing and well-worth the time to read it.

sapphoq reviews says: A couple of steamy sex scenes so not good for sub-adults or the squeamish. [I found them tastefully done myself]. Excellent book with some humor and lots of action. Well done and highly recommended.


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