Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Let's Drink to the Dead by Simon Bestwick

* may trigger *

Let's Drink to the Dead: More Stories of the Faceless, Simon Bestwick. Oxford UK: Solaris/ Rebellion Publishing Ltd., 2010. e-book, 81 pps.

     A teen makes her way to a deserted train station to sleep after narrowing avoiding calamity with a horny trucker. The woods are shadowy and menacing. An old fellow who lives in a deserted hospital offers her hospitality.

     Children are being sexually abused and sometimes sold to a sinister man. He arrives on a train. There is a farmhouse where the exchange is made. A young man who had previously been a victim seeks redemption. 

     A woman has the Sight and a friend that she trusts. A ghost places upon her the task of revenge.

sapphoq reviews says: Child sexual abuse and children being sold to predators are the stuff of horror in real life. In Simon Bestwick's capable hands, they become horror multiplied. Highly recommended.

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