Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The Berlin Turnpike by Raymond Bechard

The Berlin Turnpike: A True Story of Human Trafficking in America, Raymond Bechard. New York: Sons of Liberty Press, 2011. e-book, 1939 pps.

The Berlin Turnpike traces the history of the Berlin Turnpike in Connecticut near Hartford from its' beginning to what it is now and its' connection to prostitution. There are bunches of motels along the road-- and a few stripper clubs-- where prostitutes are kept. Ads can be found in a local free paper for their services. Dennis Paris was one such pimp [but not the only pimp] who used the Berlin Turnpike as his base. He was mean and abusive in particular to two teens that he had under his control.

sapphoq reviews says: Raymond Bechard has written a thorough book. The Berlin Turnpike ties in the history of a road with its' present day commercial activities. Those who insist that "all" or "almost all" sex workers remain with abusive pimps of their own free will are presented with a story that will require some thought. Those without an interest in tracing history will probably not finish this book or will thumb through to the areas of their interest. The rest of us ought to read this book from beginning to end. It is a lot to take in. I did not finish it in one sitting. But I did finish it and it made me think. I found that some things that I thought were correct really aren't. Highly recommended.

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