Monday, March 03, 2014

Saving Bobbi by Pam Louwagie

Saving Bobbi, Pam Louwagie. Minneapolis: Star Tribune Media Company LLC, 2013. e-book, 64 pps.

The epilogue of Saving Bobbi tells you what to do if you suspect that a child is a victim of sex trafficking. There are also warning signs to watch out for, what pimps do, and suggested websites as well as other books to read and a video. Anyone who is interested in the problem of selling children [including teens as well as younger children] for commercial sex enterprises would do well to look up the resources listed in the epilogue.

Bobbi Larson's story about what happened to her as a teen also illustrates what a child sex trafficking victim may go through emotionally as she or he embarks on the journey of recovery. She was eighteen at the time that Pam Louwagie began interviewing Bobbi and others involved in her plight. 

sapphoq reviews says: Child sex trafficking is not limited to large cities. Bobbi Larson is from a small town in Minnesota. Saving Bobbi relates some of what happened to a teen and her struggle to get out. E-book profits are donated to MN Girls Are Not For Sale campaign. A short read which is especially valuable in illustrating how perps target their prey.

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