Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Rotamania by Agile Fusion (and others)

Rotamania, Agile Fusion.
available at Barnes & Noble online for those with a Nook:
or from other companies to play on-line "for free" (like example above from

To play Rotamania, the idea is to clear the board of the squares. Each square is chopped up into a set of triangles. By getting the colors to match in certain ways, triangles and pieces of triangles will evaporate until you get near the bottom of the board. In Agile Fusion's version of the game, the message at the end will only tell you that you are "pretty good" or that "you won" if your score at the end is higher than all of your last scores. That was a bit discouraging to me until I decided to ignore the message. Agile-Fusion's version has to be played a number of times until you get the idea. There are three levels-- with two, three, and four colors respectively-- and you choose which level you want to play.

sapphoq reviews says: Although Agile Fusion's version of Rotamania may not be to everyone's liking, I have found the graphics most pleasing out of all of the ones that are available. Others may prefer the freebie versions by different companies that are in abundance on-line by typing Rotamania into your search engine. If you like puzzles and challenges, you will like Rotamania

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