Sunday, January 26, 2014

Amunhotep El Bey

This review has been modified from the original and will remain thus unless my legal counsel advises me to take it down.

     The following is my sincerely held opinion as a reviewer of books:
Amunhotep El Bey charges fees between fifty and one hundred fifty d0llars [U.S.D.] for these e-books [on the date that I checked];
How to Beat Any Prior Conviction  50 dollars, 100 dollars.
How to Get out of Prison  100 dollars, 150 dollars.
How to Beat Any Criminal and Traffic Case 50 dollars, 100 dollars.
     In my sincerely held opinion as a reviewer of books, those prices are high for e-books which do not appear to be text books used in college-level courses taught at accredited colleges. Other titles are more reasonably priced.

     Although the other e-books written by Amunhotep El Bey were more reasonably priced [on the date that I checked], it is my sincerely held opinion as a reviewer of books that the other e-books appear to be written in a style of writing that I personally didn't care for. 

     Amunhotep El Bey states that he is "an honorary 33◦ degree Mason, comedian, philosopher, metaphysician, author, poet, historian, and a legal genius."

     An honorary 33◦ degree Mason is one who is recognized for excellent service according to this website: 
     This is a great honor in the Scottish Rite system. [The lodge in New Castle, Pennsylvania is stunning and should be seen by anyone who happens to be in the area].
     Towards the bottom of the above mentioned webpage at, it is suggested that evidence of this achievement be inquired after. 

     These are somewhat self explanatory: 

     I had to look up the word metaphysician, sometimes spelled as meta-physician. The websites below informed me that a metaphysician is a philosopher who studies the nature of reality and/or a modern day healer:

     Bertrand Russell wrote a humorous piece which is reproduced here:

     There are on-line universities which confer such degrees after a period of time spent taking the prescribed courses. One such place is found at:

     I'm not sure what a legal genius is. Perhaps it is a claim to vast intelligence about the law or legal system. At any rate, there is actually a really cool mug that says "legal genius" that one can purchase:

sapphoq reviews saysI do not care for the New Age at all. I distrust most on-line universities. I abhor any claims having to do with healing that are not backed up by science. Having said that, it is my sincerely held opinion as a reviewer of books that Amunhotep El Bey's e-books would benefit from the services of a professional proof-reader and/or editor. And while I appreciate the amount of work that goes into writing a book, it remains my sincerely held opinion as a reviewer of books that the more highly priced e-books would benefit from a price reduction.

References regarding defamation, libel, and the First Amendment of our Constitution: [*wonderful site]   [*personal favorite]  [*I love the E.F.F.].


Amunhotep El Bey said...

First of all this is defamation of character and I am giving you 72 hours to delete this post. Second of all I am basically giving the books away for what all they do. Next, you could have contacted me if you had any problems and we could have resolved those issues privately. Lastly, you don't know me so who are you to call me a fraud? You are one unhappy custom out of many of happy customers that had no problem with my book. In fact, which one of my books did you buy and how did it not help you? What did you do wrong? I suggest you email me at so that we can resolve of this issue. Thank you peace.

Amunhotep El Bey said...

You will be getting a Notice of intent to sue from me. In fact, this comment represents your legal and public notice. My legal name, "EUGENE JAMES WILLIAMS, is a registered trade-name of Amunhotep El-bey and my trade-name has a copyright on it. I have not given you written or expressed permission to use the legal name of EUGENE WILLIAMS. I will be contacting goggle to remove this post due to your breach of my copyright.