Saturday, March 03, 2007


Google Reader is one of the services that Google offers users. I found the personalized Google homepage first. I added some feeds to the homepage but I wasn't satisfied because I wound up with six tabs and feeds in boxes scattered all over.

A friend told me about the reader and I checked it out. The Google Reader has truly been pleasant. It is easy to hunt for subscriptions by feeds or by subject matter or by title. Adding them is done with the push of a button. When I want to read my subscriptions, I sign in and there they are! The ability to scroll through my subs, the set-up, click a title to the whole article all yields pleasure. Now that my widgets are confined to my personalized homepage and my subs to my Google Reader, I have become a happy camper indeed.

Adding to my ecstasy is the ability to add a clip to my blogs [I added one to this blog] and to share selected articles. Again, push button. Remarkably easy.

Google continues to shine in my world. So much so that I am considering buying stock.
Well done Google, well done.

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