Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Divergent the movie

Divergent [the movie, 2014], Vanessa Taylor, Evan Daugherty, Veronica Roth.

     I'm frugal and housemate is cheap ergo I didn't watch Divergent until this year and not in a movie theater. Alas, the price for a movie has gone way up. The prices for the obligatory popcorn and other assorted movie foods have done the same.

     I don't know who among you have read or not read the books-- I love all of them-- so I won't be doing any plot spoilers here. Veronica Roth is a fine author and I look forward to more from her. She has created a wonderful dystopia for her series. At first, the society appears to be functioning at an ideal level. People are sorted into groups once they hit the age of eighteen and have taken the required test. The test itself involves the administration of a chemical which induces hallucinations. How the subject responds to the distressing scenes determines where the subject would do best. Even so, once the new adults are informed of their test results, they are allowed to pick which group to join.

     I like special effects. Divergent certainly fills the bill on that one. There was lots of jumping off of moving trains onto buildings and some really cool fighting. In my opinion, actresses Shailene Woodley and Kate Winslet stole the show. Their characters were believable and well-played. As for plot and message, they were also satisfying. Although some critics have panned Divergent for plot obscuring the message, I disagree with them there.

sapphoq reviews says: For those who relish the Divergent Series, the movie will not disappoint. For those who don't, your loss. Highly recommended.
     As usual, parents need to take responsibility for what their kids watch instead of griping about cuss words and teenage love. Just saying.

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