Friday, January 02, 2015

Canada by Richard Ford

Canada: A Novel, Richard Ford. New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 2012. e-book, 423 pps.

     Dell-- the narrator-- and Berner Parsons were twins who lived with their parents Geneva and Bev in Great Falls, Montana at the beginning of the book. The family had a series of financial reverses which caused Bev to make a decision that also did not work out well. Neeva went along with it but fought not to have their son Dell included. Then some bad things happened which profoundly altered the lives of the family members. Although Neeva had a Plan B for both Dell and Berner, those plans also blew apart. Dell learned some hard lessons along the way but through the kindness of strangers made out alright.

sapphoq reviews says: Richard Ford's Canada is a haunting book. The narrator was deliberate in explaining his observations of each character in the book. The settings in the United States and in Canada were essential to creating the mood of the narrative. Canada is a worthy addition to any thinking adult's library and a classic in its own right. Highly recommended.

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