Monday, September 22, 2014

Atheism is Winning! by Anonymous

Atheism is Winning!, Anonymous. self-published: 2014. e-book, 300 pages.

     This book reads like the manic doggerel of someone who is trying to write like Kurt Vonnegut but failing miserably. I could not tell whether the author is a believer, non-believer, or somewhere in-between. That was disconcerting. I was not able to figure out what Anonymous was endeavoring to get across to the reader at all. I prefer that people state their positions direction in any book I read of this sort, whether I agree with them or not. Two things that I find to be most important in any commentary concerning religion versus non-religion are the quality of the arguments put forth and the quality of the writing itself. Atheism is Winning! fails at both. The writer proposes use of the word "affinity" repeatedly but then leads us in the lurch. An abysmal failure. Not recommended for anyone at all.

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