Sunday, June 08, 2014

LulzSec by Kyle Schurman

LulzSec: How a Handful of Hackers Brought The US Government To Its Knees: 50 Days of Lulz, Kyle Schurman. San Francisco: Hyperink, 2012. e-book, 47 pps.

     First of all, I do not know why Michael Esseny's name appears on the cover. Did he draw the LulzSec cartoon? I don't know. Tis a great mystery.

     Hyperink is a unique sort of company that provides mini-works. LulzSec the e-book coming in at 47 pages can certainly be labeled as such. The real meat of the matter are the urls connected to various articles which have been written about LulzSec.

     I was there [in the digital sense] during the first fifty days of LulzSec in the sidelines so to speak. I was an insignificant dot in the audience cheering LulzSec on. 

sapphoq reviews says: This particular book which is more of a mini-work left out the story of the snitch who managed to avoid prison time and now fashions himself on fakebook as some sort of artista. The story of the snitch was a critical piece and LulzSec [the book] should be "updated" by Kyle Schurman and the Hyperink folks before I can recommend it. Actually, I don't recommend this e-book, even if it was to be updated. Boring and dumbed down to the point of utter boredom. The real LulzSec hackers-- minus the snitch who shall not be named in this particular review-- are worthy of awe. They certainly were not then and are not now boring. 
     I recommend following members of Anonymous on Twitter if that is your fancy, or following the nimjeh [identified usually as "my ______ ninja" with various words inserted in the blank] if you don't care for Anonymous. I don't recommend the book. The book LulzSec is kind of like what prison kitchens do to good food. Pass on it. Get involved in changing the system instead.
     P.S.: To be clear, I love my Anonymous family and I utterly adore the nimjeh on Twitter. The Anonymous accounts are varied and usually provide information about hacktivism and social revolution happenings world-wide. The nimjeh are all [except for the one snitch account] very wise and quite frankly are the only accounts on Twitter that consistently tweet like they actually are having fun.

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