Monday, May 13, 2013

The Jericho Deception by Jeffrey Small

The Jericho Deception, Jeffrey Small.  Atlanta: Hundreds of Heads Books, 2013.  e-book, 413 pps.

The Jericho Deception is Jeffrey Small's second book.  It is again-- like The Breath of God-- a religious thriller and also fiction.  Like his first book, there is a beautiful woman and a hint of romance.  There is killing and research of the sort that may cause a bad international incident or may bring peace through nefarious means.

Dr. Ethan Lightman, following in the footsteps of his more spiritual mentor, is conducting research in a University lab when things begin to go haywire.  The research initially involves temporal lobe epilepsy which leads to profound feelings of an intertwining deity.  [Deviating somewhat from actual present-day neuro-theological research,] The Jericho Deception posits a relation between stimulation of the temporal lobe and intense conversion experiences, or sometimes experiences which remain within the realm of a person's own chosen religion.  There is a sort of prison in the book, some jet travel, killings, a complicated getaway, and nefarious American government agencies.  

sapphoq reviews says:  Although elements of The Jericho Deception were similar to those of Small's previous book, the plot and geography are different enough to render an entirely different story.  Less convincing are Small's arguments for the synchronicity of all religious beliefs [present in both books].  Also not convincing is the idea that temporal lobe epilepsy can explain all visions received by various pundits of various religions throughout the ages.  Even so, Small's gift for invoking a sense of place is very much present in this book and adds greatly to the execution of his storyline.  While the potential for insulting various religious groups remains, The Jericho Deception itself focuses more on the intensity of the chase.  Recommended for those who like thrillers and suspense, even the non-religious [like me] among us.  

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