Monday, May 06, 2013

Accident Man by Shane Griffin

Accident Man, Shane Griffin.  self-published2012.  previously published: 2002.  e-book: short story.  16 pps.

Shane Griffin has written a slew of short stories, all within the realm of soft sci-fi/fantasy.  Accident Man is the one I shall review, but know that if you are taken with one Griffin short, you will be taken with the rest.  

The third person narrator of Accident Man is all-knowing.  The voice contributes to the tale's darkness.  In the first pages, we are introduced to Mr. Smith, a singularly unremarkable man except for a singularly remarkable implant.  It is through this implant that Mr. Smith makes a living.  The reader journeys with Mr. Smith through a typical mundane workday to a twisted and fun ending.

sapphoq reviews says:  Accident Man, like all of Shane Griffin's writing, excels in atmosphere.  Every word contributes to the short in a masterful way.  Highly recommended.

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