Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blasted Rat

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An acquaintance of mine tonight was wearing a tee shirt that said in large blocky letters, "Swag is all you need."  I didn't want to get into a pissing contest with him.  So I kept my thought to myself.

          My swag is better than your swag.

I didn't want to help it.  And it is true.  I got hooked up at the Blasted Rat and my swag is shiny.  I got the Hear Us Now two c.d. set and a third c.d. of art.  Most excellent stuff!  They really deserve their own review.  And some tee shirts and an Anonymous We are Legion hoodie and a mask.  The mask because I have unspecific plans to travel around as the weather gets warmer in the spring.  

I've done direct actions before-- I grew up calling them "protests" but I guess that word is sadly out of fashion-- with Queer Nation and with Act Up.  And once a very long time before Occupy, there was a camp out in a park for the homeless and I went to that.  It was across from the City Hall.  We stayed up most of the night sitting on the City Hall steps and talking.

The c.d.s came with a nifty poster which I immediately put into a cool frame I'd gotten from a thrift shop.  It's a pencil drawn print and very well done.  On the top there are four bruts-- a pig in a helmet, a guy sporting a nerve mask similar to the ones that were used in Vietnam, a fried from nukes guy with a megaphone, and a skeleton dude.  In the middle are my Anon Family holding up signs.  They are standing behind a banner which proclaims in bright red letters the legend, WE DO NOT FORGET.  The poster is now hanging up in the study to remind me of the Anons who are in prison.  

The Blasted Rat folks threw in some decals and a couple of flags.  All of it made me very happy.  

sapphoq reviews says: The service was very fast, the stuff came as it was available, and I will definitely buy from Blasted Rat again.  I've got my eye on a German Anon tee-shirt, and maybe another hoodie.  Blasted Rat is the place to go for revolution swag and tuneage.  For sure.  Absolutely highly recommended.

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