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A Little Book of Mormon Stories by Ingrid Ricks

A Little Book of Mormon (and Not So Mormon) Stories, Ingrid Ricks.  self-published, Ricks Communications L.L.C., 2012.  e-book, 110 pps.

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Ingrid Ricks talks about her strict Mormon upbringing in A Little Book of Mormon (and Not So Mormon) Stories.  Her parents were diametrical opposites.  Mother loved rules and regulations and all things L.D.S.  Dad was ex-communicated from the L.D.S., had a temper and also hated to be tied down to one spot.  Ingrid wanted less dysfunction in her home and to rescued by the Osmond family.  [Note:  I've known two other folks who also wanted rescue by the Osmonds].  Ingrid made it through a couple of foster kids living with the family.  The foster kids were a direct result of the L.D.S. push to convert and save the Lamanites.  Lamanites are what many Mormons call the Native Americans.  Through the years, Ingrid identified more strongly with her dad.  As an adult, she comes to appreciate her mother's uniqueness and also got to know her grandmother a bit.

sapphoq reviews says: A Little Book of Mormon Stories illustrates the dysfunction that can happen in any family due to problems between the parents.  Ingrid's parents had widely divergent dreams, viewpoints, and goals.  Her mother was what her dad referred to as a "religious fanatic."  Ingrid found the L.D.S. to be rather stifling and freed herself from that particular belief system.  The stories flowed together well and I really enjoyed this book.  One does not have to be a Mormon to relate.  A quick casual read which left me wishing it was longer.  Recommended.

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