Friday, August 10, 2012

We Are Anonymous (a remix) by Miso Susanowa

In skating through blogs on my reading list, I found Miso Susanowa's remix called "We Are Anonymous."

I listened to it here at

My So-called Virtual Life blog at   lists several other places where you can listen to it.

This is excellent tunage replete with a pounding drive reminiscent of Axel the Crazy Frog music but much deeper.  I love the Anonymous voice overs in it, which I was first introduced to via YouTube®, things like "We Are Anonymous. We Are The Internet," and "You should have expected us."

I have to tell you that the RIAA and some other folks have gone drunken silly over things like a little girl singing along with a female vocalist in a vid which was subjected to a takedown; a fervor over both the Happy Birthday song written by Mildred J. Hill and her sister Patty S. Hill in Kentucky back in the 1800s and an old scout standby New Friends and Old Friends © Joseph Parry; the recent attempt by the good ol' U.S.A. to imprison a young man from England for LINKING to a file sharing site-- an act which in and of itself is NOT illegal in Great Britain.  Give a bureaucrat an important sounding title and that bureaucrat will scream piracy until the sun burns out of the sky.  Stealing is claiming someone else's work as one's own.  Sharing is keeping the creator's name and credits intact.  Singing is singing.  I'm pretty sure that the little kid who was singing along with a female vocalist in a vid was not in any way wanting to steal the song.  People, can we stop going nuts now please?

The Internet is what it is today in a large part because of some folks who were willing to experiment, folks who were in on ARPANET and the first BBS boards, folks who wanted to push their little Commodores to the limit.  Those folks are my heroes.  The drive to make criminals out of ordinary people who are just a bit more curious than the average sell out is based on fear.  Fear of profit losses.  Fear of the phreaks, the hacktivists, the file sharers.  Fear of people who think differently than the rest of us.  

We need Anonymous.  We need the phreaks, the hackers, the coders, the mavericks.  We need folks who are willing to think.  And so with these thoughts threatening to turn into a full scale rant, I leave you dear reader.

Do take a listen to the song if you wish.  Learn some coding.  Learn something about how your computer works.  Don't be a push button ninny willing to believe the Corporate Lie.

sapphoq reviews says:  The remix "We Are Anonymous" is full of win.


Miso Susanowa said...

I guess my skillz aren't too leet; I only just now found this post :D

Thanks for listening & the nice writeup. You might be interested to know that I AM one of the original netizens; I had a BBS in 1983.

Many of the sounds in 'We Are Anonymous' are recorded telephone and copper phone switching networks altered by speed or pitch.

And yes, I released it CC licensed for the very purpose of tweaking the MAFIAA's nose :)

sapphoq said...

Thanks for your kind comment Miso Susanowa.

I support Anonymous.

Folks like you are my heros.
YOU are my hero.

Yours in the STruggle,