Saturday, August 04, 2012

Double Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

Double Dexter, Jeff Lindsay.  New York: Vintage Books (Random House), 2011.  paperback, 337 pps.

The book Double Dexter begins darkly with Dexter speaking in a "we" voice as he and his Dark Passenger offs a pedophile clown.  The scene is set.  But someone else is a witness.

Dexter's brother, as a favor to Dexter, offs a bionic police co-worker who has been following Dexter.  A co-worker with bad breath and a pirate mask turns up in the family suite room in Key West unexpectedly.  Dexter's step-son Cody's scout leader turns up to take him and his sister Aster for a spirited adventure to find the sharks.  Rita, Dexter's adoring wife, scores a foreclosed house in an auction.

sapphoq reviews says: Double Dexter is a very satisfying book, complete with compelling information about Cody's growing Shadow and Aster's coming into her own confidence about who she is.  Highly recommended to fans of Dexter who don't object to the books being a bit different from the serialized H.B.O. smash hit.

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