Saturday, June 16, 2012

Too Young to Kill by M. William Phelps

Too Young to Kill, M. William Phelps.  New York: Pinnacle Books (Kensington Publishing Corp.), 2011.  448 pps. excluding another book preview, paperback.

Adrianne Reynolds, 16 year old teen enrolled in an alternative high school in Illinois, was murdered by two classmates in January 2005.  Adrianne was bisexual and one of her love interests, Sarah Kolb, was also bisexual.  Sarah Kolb had a decided mean streak.  After inviting Adrianne to have sex with any of the male teenagers hanging at the local party house, Sarah Kolb proceeded to badmouth Adrianne for doing what she had been encouraged to do.

One Friday, Sarah and follower Cory Gregory offered Adrianne a ride home.  On the way home, they murdered her in a fast food restaurant parking lot.  Later on, Sarah Kolb and Cory Gregory had a third buddy Nathan Gaudet hack up Adrianne's dead burned body and assist in burying her remains in several sites.

sapphoq reviews says: The three suspects listened to Insane Clown Possee (a band that I also happen to like) and were part of the Juggalo sub-culture.  If there is one fault of Too Young to Kill, it is M. William Phelp's inability to separate his dislike of the music and lyrics having to do with senseless violence from the decisions and actions of three teenagers.  Having said that, I recommend this book to those who like accurate reporting on a horrific crime.

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