Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Roomba (tm) two years later

Yeah a couple of years ago I got a Roomba randomly automated vacuum cleaner and I fell in love. The little whirly brush (shabbily made) snapped off about a year ago. I left the thin plastic arms in place and found that dog hair will twirl around them and twist into little balls. I could replace the whirly brush but so far have not felt any inclination too.

The rest of the Roomba is still working fine. It excels on sweeping floors as well as carpets. In fact, the Roomba can negotiate floor surface changes from linoleum to wood to carpet or throw rug without difficulty. The only catch is any rug with fringes-- better off picking those up. The Roomba doesn't do fringe.

A visit to the iRobot store on-line at reveals that now in addition to a two-Roomba-vac sale, there is also now a pool cleaning model as well as the floor-washing and shop-sweeping robots. I can also upgrade my old vac model for a new and improved for 200 bisexual bucks. (The newest vac model goes for approximately 300 dollars). Thanks but no thanks. I shall keep my old Roomba until it dies.

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