Saturday, January 13, 2007

DOWN AND DIRTY by Ellen Zachos 1/13/07

Down and Dirty: 43 Fun and Funky First-Time Projects and Activities to Get You Gardening,
by Ellen Zachos. Boston: Storey Books, 2007. Photography by Adam Mastoon. 248 pp. glossy large paperback.

Something about dreary winter days and hot chocolate and a pile of books go well together in the NorthEast. The grayness promises no relief. El Nino is blamed for sucking snow out of the weather. But here in the bookstore, ensconced in an overstuffed chair, I don't care. From the pile, I extract Down n Dirty! and I quickly fall in love.

Ellen Zachos, with the help of photographer Adam Mastoon, creates gardening adventures for those who are rank beginners. The photos are colorful. The text invites us to pick a project and get moving. The book divides itself into Basics, Projects, Adventures, and Plants; Recipes, Container Gardens, Kids and Families.

There are instructions for winter flower boxes, homemade strawberry ice cream, and forcing spring bulbs. There are gardens for the birds, gardens for kitties, and gardens for those who have no gardening space.

Highly recommended.

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