Thursday, December 07, 2006

MICRONATIONS by Ryan, Dunford, and Sellers 12/7/06

Micronations, by John Ryan, George Dunforth, and Simon Sellers. Lonely Planet: California, 2006. 156 pp. inc. index. paperback.

Classified as a travel humor book with nice color glossy photos, Micronations tells of folks who have set up their own micronations. The micronations range from an Embassy, cow pasture, and one square foot of changing land to cyberspace to outerspace to an old barge to the moon. Most are serious. By far the most serious is an Aussie family who got gypped out of their land by a clause that allows the lender to repossess it in spite of a good on-time payment history. The family declared their own kingdom and was startled to discover that under Australian law they could succede if they were wronged by the courts. Other claims may be frivolous. The reader must decide. I myself am looking into several micronations which offer free citizenship via a webform, including the nation of Freedonia which does not have any land yet but is looking into several tropical islands.

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Anonymous said...

I have to read this one ... I want my own kingdom too!!! ;-) JC