Monday, December 04, 2006


Having spent today with Fibromyalgia, I have decided to provide a review of Fibromyalgia.
While I do recognize that a few excellent books, articles, and suchlike have been written
about Fibromyalgia at a level of competency which perhaps I shall not attain here, nevertheless
I have decided to do this. I'm not a doctor, which will be abundantly clear by the end of this thing.
So naturally, nothing I say here should be construed as medical, useful, or life-saving advice.
Thus said, let us begin.

Fibromyalgia sucks. Yes, it does.
Some folks believe it is part of clinical depression. Well, at least one drug company seems to think so. Which came first? I don't know and I do not have to care. Because, I am not a doctor.

Okay then. For the uninitiated, I will describe Fibromyalgia as a sort of arthritis of the muscles. That is not technically accurate and does not really do justice but it is a beginning. And the Midrash says, "All beginnings are hard." I have never read the Midrash. I hope I am spelling it correctly. But I do know that is what it says. Cuz I saw it somewhere.

Furthermore, besides providing an assortment of muscle pain, Fibromyalgia also provides Fatigue. For those of you who are healing a tbi like me, Fatigue is the Great Enemy. This Fatigue is not regular people fatigue. It is muscle crushing dragging along sleepwalking through life sort of fatigue. It is Oh crap, I gotta keep going even though I want to drop Fatigue.

Unofficially, there exists a suspicion among some of us that Fibromyalgia is somehow related to car accidents or something.
Officially, there are many Explanations.
Everything from [it is felt to be mostly women]: Women with Fibromyalgia are Drug-Seeking.
To: Fibromyalgia is a Lifestyle.

Perhaps folks who have Fibromyalgia are Drug-Seeking, Doctor, because they genuinely Hurt.
Have Pain.

At any rate, my own Fibromyalgia comes Knocking at rather Inconvenient Times.
I am just strolling along, living my life and Fibromyalgia says, Hey You, You are having
Too Much Fun.
Zing! You just took a bath and you Have to Sleep
for Two Hours afterwards.
Zing! You went to the gym and you will not Recover for two whole Days.
Zing! Whatdoya mean you want to Have a Life?!?

I am fortunate that mine responds to exercise and that is how I keep from Screaming.
Not everyone is as fortunate as I am.

Fibromyalgia is a Lifestyle? More of: We are Our Labels. No, I Will Not Have It.
We Are Not Our Labels. We are MORE Than Our Labels. MORE than your labels.
So There.

Freaking Idiopathic Beastie Rumbling Over Muscles Yakking Always Loudly Groaning In Agony.

That's Fibromyalgia.

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Anonymous said...

I can't even begin to pretend that I know what you are going through despite the bad back I have, at least that is centralized ... Thank you for trying to explain it to me anyway ... I appreciate it ;-) JC

Anonymous said...

Thats' a pretty good take on Fibrowhatsit...I've had that beast as my shadow for 21 years, and what you say sums it up pretty darn good.

sapphoq said...

Thanks Jer and Dave both.
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