Monday, April 03, 2006

found poems from THE NAG HAMMEDI LIBRARY


Light! yours. Who has come
from my house? Things pre-existed
through the ages. Gifts light my
heart. The psychic formed
power[ful] and holy.

*found poem taken from The Prayer of the Apostle Paul Ia, 1-B, 10 translated by Dieter Mueller from the book: The Nag Hammadi Library, James M. Robinson (general editor), Harper, San Francisco, 1978, pp.27-28.

Poem found by sapphoq. Found poems are words taken from a section of someone else's writing in order and omitting other words in order to create a "found poem." As such, I believe they are not copyrightable and the original source of the words MUST be credited. Thus, it would not be accurate to say that I 'wrote' a found poem.

the Found Poem below is
from The Gospel of Truth on pp 40-41 as translated by Harold W. Altridge and George W. MacRoe in the book:
The Nag Hammadi Library, ed. James M. Robinson, Harper, San Francisco, 1978.


Knowing power, he perform[ed].
Searching inside became power.
Nothing was humiliation and
oblivion fell. Hidden darkness
showed the truth.

Destruction has need within.
Need retains knowledge. Little
sufferings lay invisible.
He stripped.

THE SOUL HAS DIED, a found poem

Since everything is sin, nature
calls the whole. The presence hear[s]
peace. Man seek[s] law and praise.
Hearts remember the hidden. Vision
is the treasure rejoicing. Dissolved things
took the darkness. The soul has died.

*words of poem were found in: The Nag Hammadi Library, James M. Robinson gen.ed., Harper, San Francisco, 1978.
in: The Gospel of Mary (BG 8502,1), translated by George W. MacRae and R. McL. Wilson and edited by Douglas M. Barrett, pp. 524-526


Daimons in exile, far from
the soul. Power exists in places.
If god unborn is being, mind
has being. An alien turns to being.
Is nature speechless? Because matter
possesses power, cutting breath[es].

*found in the book: The Nag Hammadi Library, James M. Robinson [gen ed], Harper, San Francisco, 1978, p. 415


Thought dwells alone.
Incomprehensible, the life dwells
in those who exist. Silence!
The underworld darkness poured
forth Thought.

Real Thought is joined by Voice
in mystery. Respect has difficult
secret[s]. Unrepeatable voices
exist in silence. Alone and invisible,
I perservere[ ]. The Light shines on.

*poem found in TRIMORPHIC PROTENNOIA, translated by John D. Turner in the book, The Nag Hammedi Library, James M. Robinson, gen.ed., Harper, San Francisco, 1978. pp. 513-514.

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