Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Pieces of Me by Rebecca Brown

Pieces of Me, Rebecca Brown. self-published via Lulu.com, 2014. eBook, 32 pps.

     There is a Rebecca Brown who is one of Jack Chick's associates [who may help him write his Christian tracts], however I don't know if the Rebecca Brown who wrote Pieces of Me is the same Rebecca Brown who helped Jack Chick.

     Pieces of Me is a small sampling of poetry that Rebecca Brown has written through the years. The earlier poems are titled with red. There are bits of rhyme throughout and a few drawings and pictures interspersed throughout. The topics range from sentiments concerning a classmate who died too young to lost love and to the love between a mother and child.

sapphoq reviews says: I found the poetry in this currently free e-book to be honest and touching. I enjoyed the elegance of the pencil drawings and the photographs. I'd love to see more poetry written by Rebecca Brown. My only disappointment is that I wished for more visual art included with the words. For those who don't hate bits of rhyme, recommended.

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