Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Si-cology 1 by Mark Schlabach and Si Robertson

Si-cology 1, Mark Schlabach and Si Robertson. Brentwood, TN: Howard Books, 2013. e-book, 186 pps.

     I love the Duck Dynasty crew and that's a fact. I don't care that their worldview-- especially as concerning religious practices-- is different than mine as an atheist/ non-theist. I lived in Louisiana for almost a year [many years ago] and I do miss the people. The show Duck Dynasty makes me laugh. And the show also reminded me of the importance of family. I've had duck twice and I didn't care for it. Perhaps I would like Miss Kay's duck gumbo, I don't know. I don't hunt but I am certainly not opposed to hunting that provides foods. And I am pro-gun. 

 sapphoq reviews says: I've noted several books by individual Robertsons recently on the market. Of all of them, I liked Si-cology 1 the best. Uncle Si [Phil's younger brother] on the show tells the best stories. His style is captured in the book rather well. I chuckled out loud. The color photographs of Silas scattered throughout Si-cology 1 added to my enjoyment. Highly recommended. 

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