Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Winter World by Bernd Heinrich

Winter World: The Ingenuity of Animal Survival, Bernd Heinrich. New York: HarperCollins e-books, 2007, 2003. 284 pps.

I love the writing of Bernd Heinrich. He is to the northeast what Ed Abbey was to the west. I have re-read Winter World and decided that this book deserves a review here.

Bernd Heinrich and I share a fascination with the woods. Unlike me, he is able to draw what he sees in the woods fairly well. [I have to resort to a camera. My drawings all look like cartoons]. Like me, he has spent much time in the woods listening as they tell their story.

Winter World addresses how various animals manage to survive the brutal temperatures of winter without freezing to death and stuff like that. From nests to dens to other shelters and from squirrels to birds to turtles to frogs and more, Heinrich satisfies my curiosity.

sapphoq reviews says: If you want to know what ruby-crowned kinglets eat in the wintertime, you should read this book. If you know what a ruby-crowned kinglet is, you should read this book. If you want to know more about nature, you should read all of the Bernd Heinrich books-- even the one about running. 

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