Monday, December 09, 2013

My Dog, The Paradox by The Oatmeal

My Dog: The Paradox: A Lovable Discourse about Man's Best Friend, The Oatmeal.  Kansas City: Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC: 2013.  ebook, 36 pages.
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     If you aren't familiar with The Oatmeal, go there right now.  Then come back here if you are still interested in my review.  The Oatmeal put up a lengthy dog comic up on his blog and it then became a book (and also an e-book).  It really is quite good.

     The dog of the book is adorable, modeled after his "real" dog Rambo.  The book lists the things that Rambo is afraid of and the things he relishes, stuff he has eaten and upchucked, and what happens anytime The Oatmeal returns.  The cartoons are now in vivid color. 

sapphoq reviews says:  The Oatmeal has created a lovable tribute to his lovable dog.  Get this book and read it.  Even after the worse of Thanksgiving dinners with the family that removes the fun from dysfunctional, you are sure to laugh out loud.  High recommended.

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