Monday, June 17, 2013

Graveminder by Melissa Marr

Graveminder, Melissa Marr.  New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 2011.  e-book, 338 pps.

Rebekkah returns to Clayville after the death of her beloved [not by blood exactly] grandmother Maylene.  She inherits Maylene's house and something else, much to the consternation of Maylene's natural grand-kids.

Maylene's death was a murder and rather mysterious.  A sort of animal had attacked her.  The sort of animal that has to be invited in, offered talk and sustenance.

And then there is Bryon.  Bryon the undertaker's son.  His father dies later on in the book.  Under rather, uh, paranormal circumstances.  Bryon gets the business.

There are some things about Clayville too that are mysterious.  Crime doesn't much happen there.  The citizens of Clayville are protected.  Safe.  Not necessarily in a bad way.  Still, the animal attack on Maylene is troubling.

Rebekkah isn't thrilled to see Bryon again.  They'd known each other in high school and a few other places.  She doesn't exactly care for him.

sapphoq reviews says:  Melissa Marr has written a pretty good book.  I liked Graveminder.  The characters were cool.  I even liked Rebekkah's cat.  Bits in the trailer scene made me chuckle.  And there is a whole other sort of world under a building in Clayville.  That in particular was most excellently done.  If you like the dark and mysterious and don't object to bits of paranormal thrown in along with a dash of romance, Graveminder fills the bill.  

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