Monday, April 29, 2013

If You Find Me, by Emily Murdoch

If You Find Me, Emily Murdoch.  New York: St. Martin's Press, 2013.  ebook, 198 pps.

Carey and Jenessa are two half-sisters living in a broken down camper in the woods with their mother.  Mother is drug-addled and not a very nice woman as things turn out.  The kids are used to being poor and eating a lot of beans.  Jenessa doesn't talk.  Neither child goes to school.

All of these things change when two visitors invade their sanctuary.  Carey and Nessa are then re-introduced to a world that was left behind many years ago.

sapphoq reviews says:  Parents with quabbles about prostitution, rape, and drug addiction may not wish their teens to read If You Find Me.  Also, if a teen is on the sensitive side, she may wish to skip this one.  If You Find Me addresses some tough issues in a way that is sure to appeal to the average teenage girl.  Carey is the narrator and as such is an excellent choice.  Jenessa is a sympathetic younger sister character whose differences are highlighted by her mutism.  If You Find Me is an excellent example of Teen Chick Lit.  Although it sags a bit towards the end in its' predictability, many teenaged girls will enjoy this fiction book by a first-time author. 

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